Protegé(e) Magazine Interviews Short Dawg

Protegé(e) Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Short Dawg and ask him a few questions about his music career, being the newest artist on Young Money, his alter ego Elvis Freshley, and his current projects. Take a look at what Short Dawg had to say:

PM: Describe your alter ego, Elvis Freshley.

SD: It was just a name I came up with for my music. Short Dawg is most taken for a rapper. Elvis Freshley is the name I attached to for the type of music I make.

PM: At what point did you decide to take your music seriously?

SD: By the time my brother was incarcerated, I was 18, who pushed me to do it. I didn’t want to do it at first, but after he got incarcerated, I kind of leaned towards it.

PM: How did you handle the ups & downs that the industry had to offer, especially since this wasn’t your initial chosen field?

SD: You know just staying focused on recording. At the end of the day, the music is what matters. A lot of people try to derail you in this business, but if you stay on top of music, there’s only so much they can do to stop you.

PM: What is it like being the newest artist on Young Money?

SD: It’s cool, but it’s a lot of hard work tho. For the most part, it’s a very fortunate situation to be in.

PM: What lessons did you learn from Lil’ Wayne about being in this industry?

SD: You can start out at the bottom of the totem pole. You know, Lil’ Wayne was nowhere near where he is right now. When he first came, people didn’t even see him coming. So, always just stay working hard, and jump on top of the game. That’s what I’m gonna do.

PM: How did you feel when you heard your song on the radio, or see your video for the first

SD: I just smiled because it’s something that you kind of expect. When it happens, it’s like aight, cool. It lets you know that you got a long way to go. You know, I just smiled and kept it moving
because I don’t wanna get caught up right now. I got other things to look forward to.

PM: What are your techniques when creating your rap?

SD: I kind of have an out-of-body experience. My mind just takes over, especially when I hear something that’s inspiring. I kind of just leave myself and I come up with the stuff I come up with because I don’t see myself doing it. I don’t write it down. It just kind of happens.

PM: What is a typical day for you when you’re not working?

SD: I’m probably riding around in my car listening to beats, seeing family members, friends, and going to the gym; something like that. I work everyday. The only time I don’t work is if I overwork myself day in day out. I try to be in the studio every night.

PM: What should aspiring rappers look out for when entering this industry?

SD: Paperwork. It’s the part of the business when they put in those contracts.

PM: What projects are you currently working on?

SD: I’m getting ready to drop, “Adventures of Drakenstein.” That’s coming soon. The Fresh album’s all wrapped up. I’m finishing the footage on it. My Young Money debut album is coming

SwaggaMusic,net Interviews Short Dawg

Original Interview was Conducted in Spanish. Short Dawg has a huge following in the Latin Community, the original transcripts can be found here.

***Some verbiage may be awkward in result of Spanish-English Translation***

SHORT DAWG is a member of Young Money since last year and a friend of Lil Wayne , with whom he collaborated on songs like " Money in the way "or Me and my drank . " He was previously signed to Def Jam but now a new stage with one of the most powerful teams of rap, but relax. On the contrary. He spends every morning in the Atlanta studio working on his poems. SWAGGA MUSIC had the opportunity to talk to him and this is what he told us.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Many people I first heard the song " Me and My Drank "featuring Lil Wayne. When you meet him?

SHORT DAWG : It was at least 2007. We had, you know, friends in common, and he also had heard me as an artist. We leave the same area, and Mack Maine , who is currently the president of Young Money , came and introduced us.

SWAGGA MUSIC: How many hours do you spend in the studio each day?

SHORT DAWG: I'm in the studio every week. Depends on the day. Some nights I'm going on 10 or 11 and return at 6 or 7 am.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Are you going to study at night and not by the day?

SHORT DAWG: Yes. I do a lot of work at night. They rarely go to the study day.

SWAGGA MUSIC: When you signed to Young Money?

SHORT DAWG : Last year.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Before you were with Def Jam. How was the experience? I was not so good as now ...

SHORT DAWG: Well, it was different. Russell was back in the game and I was signed to his label ... It was a new situation and they did not really have a full team on the label. There are a lot of things that happen when a matter of power. On the label they did not have much experience in regard to dealing with new artists.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Maybe this is why, you've had several mixtapes studio album but has not yet arrived. Are you working on it?

SHORT DAWG: Yes, I am currently working on it.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Must be a very competitive atmosphere to be a member of Young Money. In what ways have you changed since you signed?

SHORT DAWG: I would not call it competition because we do not compete with each other to see who is better. Is more about motivating you know .. and well, I'm working with Young Money more and I'm recording with force.

SWAGGA MUSIC : What is the role of the new Lil Wayne Young Money artists?

SHORT DAWG : He is letting me do what I'm doing. Most of the time come and listen to any idea that I may have or come to me with ideas and questions. We help each other.

SWAGGA MUSIC : I read that you can sing, not just rapping. Is it true?

SHORT DAWG: (laughs) I have some songs for the girls.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Maybe we could sing something to see how you do.

SHORT DAWG: I need to drink water before doing so.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Okay, maybe next time.

SHORT DAWG : Yeah, maybe next time.

SWAGGA MUSIC: I'd like to ask you about Nicki Minaj. She is one of the few rappers famous and probably one of the few women on the team of Young Money. You think it's harder for her because of this?

SHORT DAWG: Do I think it is harder? Of course. It's a bit difficult for a woman in this industry because there are many men in power ...

SWAGGA MUSIC: You must also collaborated with Sean Kingston "She said stop." How was that experience?

SHORT DAWG: It was good. Sean Kingston is a cool guy.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Lil Wayne's album "Tha Carter IV" is now finished. Has confirmed it. Have you heard?

SHORT DAWG: Yes, I have heard almost everything. It's amazing, is amazing. Like other "Carters" wonderful.

SWAGGA MUSIC: What advice would you give to those starting in rap?

SHORT DAWG: They are focused, work hard and put many hours in the studio. If you work hard, you get benefits from it.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Finally, for the hearing of Spain and Latin America that will listen or read this interview and is interested in knowing more about you and your music. How can you do?

SHORT DAWG: You can follow me on / elvisFrEsHley or find my music / southernflamespitta . In addition be available soon.

SWAGGA MUSIC: Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure and good luck with the music.

SHORT DAWG : Thank you.

Shoutout to @CeceVance


In this interview with MONTREALITY,
Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Short Dawg speak about:

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- What they spent their 1st big paycheck on
- What they have in their pockets
- Wifey material women

Huge Shouts to Montreality!

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