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Young Money, is arguably one of the hottest recording labels at the moment in the industry and literally has at it's fingertips tons of talent. In that corps of talent is rap artist Short Dawg a Houston native who is lighting up the mixtape trail. His latest mixtape to hit the scene, Southern Flame Spitta 4, has the ear of the street. Short Dawg has had a tumultuous career including a stint with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' Music Group (RSMG) before becoming part of what he referred to as the “winning team” in Young Money. Finally, while he hasn't reached the level of stardom of his fellow Young Money counterparts such as Lil Wayne, Drake or Nicki Minaj, the rising star still has his fair share of fans. It certainly sounds like he is gaining momentum on his Young Money colleagues. –ramone mack

Describe the mentality of a rap artist.

Well, I cannot speak for other people, but for me making music is the most important part and its like you're using a different part of your brain.

What was your inspiration behind your two latest mixtapes Southern Flame Spitta 3 and Southern Flame Spitta 3.5?

The fans no doubt are my inspiration. A lot of them were feeling the first two mix tapes and wanted an encore, and an artist always responds to the fans ... actually I just dropped Southern Fame Spitta 4 last month.

How does it feel to be a part of essentially the hottest rap record label at the moment?

I mean it's always good to be with the winning team. Actually, me and Birdman were just talking about how I grew up listening to Young Money and am how I am part of the record label now. When I was younger, I used to have my Juvenile Army bandanna on. So it's definitely special to have grown up looking up to some of these cats, and now to be with them is really special.

Most people are under the impression that being a rap artist is all fame and glory. Can you explain the hard work and the different facets of your job behind the scenes, the things that people don't see?

What people don't see is the different personalities and types of people that you have to deal with. There are some people out there who don't even have a talented bone in their body trying to throw salt and bring you down quickly. But you just have to stay focused and keep on your own grind.

HipHopHoney Interviews Short Dawg

Short Dawg sits down with HHH & tells all about what his plans are, and how it’s being on one of the most hottest label Young Money. And this young man is going to surprise people. If you wanna know how, EASY he is very versatile. Learn all about him. Plus his debut Album, who he's writen for, and more…. We let the fans ask all the questions, and as soon as the interview started Short Dawg was ready to let the world know that he plains to hit hard in 2011.Not just with his mix tapes, but his upcoming debut album. Plus talking about working with all the tops in the music industry. He also told the fans what he really wants them to know about him.

Listen To Short Dawg Interview:

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HHH: How did you come up with the name Short Dawg?

Short Dawg: Actually that name was given to me in high school, by the basketball team.

I was the smallest dude on the team, and they would always call me shorty. So… that’s how I got the name.

HHH: What is it like working with some of the finest people in hip hop? Like Russel Simmons, and Jermaine Dupri?

Short Dawg: It’s a blessing that my talent has got me this far, so anybody that I work with so far as a Icon, or a pioneer. Just makes me feel that much good about my craft.

HHH: What is the interest or what is it like signing with Young Money?

Short Dawg: Again is like working with people that’s been doing it,

you know. He’s like almost 20 years in. So for somebody to be taking interest in me it’s a blessing.

HHH: Everybody has this question. Is it true that you don’t use no pen no pad?

Short Dawg: Not at all No Pen No Pad! I happen to be fortunate to be able to know what I’m gonna say, and remember to do it!

HHH: How does it feel like working with Lil Wayne?

Short Dawg: It’s fun you know. You see how hard he works,

so you just try to match his drive, and hope to be as successful as he is!

HHH: What do you feel about all the blogs with rumors about Young Money, Like Lil Wayne, or drake?

Short Dawg: It’s all a bunch of talk, at the end of the day all promotion is good promotion. So it don’t matter.

HHH: If there is anything you can let the fans know about Short Dawg, what would you want them to know?

Short Dawg: That I work hard, cause I put my all into it!

JLuvv Interviews Short Dawg

Below is a short telephone interview with JLuvv. Short Dawg calls in to discuss his background, Bow Wow, Lil' Wayne, and Hurricane Katrina and much more...

808 Army Presents: Short Dawg Interview

Below, Short calls in for an intereview with 808 Army. He discusses his name, his relationship with Lil' Wayne, his Fresh Muzik label, his upcoming album and much more!

**Bonus: Short also does a short freestyle at the end.

Video: Short Dawg - Freaky Tales

Above is the official video to Short Dawg's "Freaky Tales" (Directed by. Jordan Tower). The song was featured on his latest mixtape, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4.

Short Dawg - Greenleaf Multimedia

Short Dawg discusses his deal, Houston lifestyle, his latest mixtape, the upcoming videos and much more.

Shoutout to Cece Vance

J-Rich ft. Short Dawg - Everything

(Via YMHQ)

J Rich Everything Feat Short Dawg

This is the first leak from J Rich’s upcoming Independently Major II mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. The track is called “Everything” and features YM’s Short Dawg. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: J Rich – Everything (Feat Short Dawg)

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Drank and Dank Interviews Short Dawg

Drank and Dank caught up with Young Money member Short Dawg . He's already released a popular mixtape series, spent time on So So Def, and been featured on We Are Young Money. Drank and Dank asks him about those things, his future plans, his relationship with Russell Simmons and more.

Drank and Dank (D&D): Alright we got Short Dawg in the house with How you doing today?

Short Dawg (SD): chilling man, chilling, chilling

D & D: Alright you just released a mixtape Southern Flame Spitta vol. 4, what kind of reception is it getting?

SD: Aw man everyone loving it man, I just appreciate it. I put a lot of hard work into it. It took a lot to make it happen, but it's been done.

D &D: You're a Young Money artist, what kind of interaction have you had with Lil Wayne since he been home?

SD: You said what kind of reaction I've had from Wayne since he came home? I mean you know he's just glad everyone doing good, and kept the movement moving along while he was down. For the most part he just happy to be back

D & D: How much interaction have you had with him?

SD: We done kicked it a few times, we just came back from Vegas together, we was up there celebrating Nicki album release party. That's how we do, we just keep it going.

D & D: Have you started recording for your retail release yet?

SD: Yeah, yeah, I've been recording on that since my days at Def Jam. I got over 200, 300 songs man.

D & D: How you going to narrow it down?

SD: I don't know man it's going to be a hard choice. Me and my team going to sit down and try to pick the best songs for y'all.

D & D: You moved to Atlanta from Houston, to pursue your music. While there you met Russell Simmons. How did you meet him, and what effect did he have on your career?

SD: Just putting in work man, you know Russell had happened to hear my music from one of his guys that worked at his label. Once he heard it he had me fly into New York. You know, put a deal together on the spot. For the most part Russell is a great mentor to have. For one he's an excellent person for all the positive things he do around the community, not just the hip-hop culture. He always has something positive to say. He always points me in the right direction. What I should be doing out of the booth, outside of the studio, outside of being an artist. It's great to have a person like Russell still on my team after all these years.

D & D: You've been on SoSo Def, and now your on Young Money. What are someof the differences between the two camps?

SD: Well on Young Money, you know that we got a team of other artists, not just a label. Not just people who sit behind a desk and tell you about music, what kind of songs to make for the public. You have experienced artists who work with you on the daily. If I need a verse, need a hook, I can just call one of my bros or my sis. They come through for me right then and there. That's opposed to having to go through the label to get a verse from so and so, call this label, see if I can get their artist to do this.

D & D: You also perform as Elvis Freshley. What can you do as Elvis that you can't do as Short?

SD: It's nothing that I can't do. It's a name I gave myself with the other music I do, the alternative music.

D & D: What do you mean by alternative?

SD: Just a different genre

D & D: Are you going to drop a Elvis Freshley mixtape?

SD: I might. I might, I mix it in with what I do rapping. At the same time I put a couple Elvis Freshley type joints on the volume 4. The "9 to 5" and the "House Party 4" are leaning more to the Elvis Freshley feel I'm going to be coming the near future.

D & D: Your from Houston which has one of the strongest hip-hop scenes. How has that influenced you?

SD: Oh man, I grew up in that culture. In the Screw culture, the UGK , the Fat Pat, the Big Moe. That's where I get my slang from.

D & D: What's your favorite UGK album?

SD: Ridin Dirty

D & D: Who would you like to workwith outside of Young Money in the future?

SD: Jada

D & D: Do you read the comments section underneath your music online?

SD: Yeah, you know I check for the feedback, I mostly pay attention to the positive and not so much the haters. I know the haters are just a fan without a face. I'm the type of person on Twitter that if I see someone talking about it negatively, I'll reach out to them. Try to give them a clear understanding. When I do it usually comes back around that their a fan and don't know how to say they're a fan. They always turn their words around, and tell me how they really do like my music.

D & D: So how do you react to the extreme comments like your the best ever or wack as fuck?

SD: I don't listen to neither one of those. I feel like I'm a great rapper, a great artist. To say the best ever that's a whole other category. I haven't even got that far in my career to give myself that title.As far as wackest I know I'm far from that. Neither one of those comments move me, I'm looking for genuine. You know what's genuine.

D & D: You went to Texas A & M,what did you major in?

SD: Philosophy

D & D: How far did you get in that? Learn anything good?

SD: I did a year. I learned a lil bit. I still read it to this day.

D & D: What should we look for from Short Dawg in 2011?

SD: Look for the Fresh album top of the year, producedby my dog the Honorable C-Note.

D & D: Thanks for your time

SD: Thank you.

Short Dawg Says Joe Budden and T-Pain are NOT Young Money and more...

( via KeepItTrill)

Young Money Artist ” Short Dawg ” Speaks with Futuristic Blogger and
Kills all Internet Rumors About Joe Budden and T-Pain Signing to Young Money! Saying, Rumors
are as Stupid as the people who believe in them! He Also talked about Young Money Being Compared
To Roc Nation And Good Music. Saying ” We Got a SUPER TEAM ”

Lil Wayne & Young Money Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Chicago

(Via LWHQ)

Lil Wayne, Birdman, Short Dawg, T-Streets, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, E.I., Lil Za, Marley G, CeeCee, and DJ Scoob Doo celebrated the New Year’s at Adrianna’s Club Ballroom in Chicago. You can check out some footage from this bash in the video above, and it looked like it was one hell of a party! About half way through the video you can watch something called “Lil Wayne Olympics“, and at the 0:54 and 2:50 mark you can see Weezy chatting to some sexy ladies.

***Sidenote : Short Dawg is the one who poured the pitcher of Pineapple juice over the girl's body.

Art of Swag - Vocab Mag Interviews Short Dawg

Above, Short Dawg discusses "Me and My Drank", his Elvis Freshley alter ego, relationships with past and present record labels, college life and much more!

The Source: Young Money's Short Dawg Talks New Album & Jadakiss Influence

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